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Launch into the Global Gaming Industry

Join Xsolla Curine Academy for a transformative journey in your game development career. Experience industry-relevant programs, acquire specialized skills, and become a high-profile gaming professional. Apply now!

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Xsolla Curine Academy is the flagship learning center of Xsolla Game Academy, with a campus based in Kuala Lumpur. It provides industry-relevant game development training programs for creative talents and professionals at every proficiency level, empowering them for success in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. Our learning approach focuses on quick knowledge acquisition, enabling our students to adapt to industry trends and innovations.


Game Design

This program includes basic aspects of game design, game industry analytics, writing correct documentation, and hands-on projects. Students will gain knowledge of game concept creation, level design, visual style, and interface design. Our program aims to prepare professionals ready to successfully start a career in any studio as we place a strong emphasis on practical skills.

Game Developer

This program is crafted to empower developers with both technical and creative skills. Delving into engines like Unity, Unreal Engine 5, or Godot, participants will learn the most advanced technologies in game creation, such as Nanite or generative AI. Regardless of the engine, students will be able to independently control any scenes in games of any genre and graphics.

Computer Graphic Artist

This advanced program introduces top technical art tools and techniques for creating stunning visuals. Ideal for those with prior experience in the field, it offers a broader perspective and the opportunity to enrich portfolios with new projects.

Indie Game Development

This program is designed to elevate students’ expertise in game design and marketing, providing them with essential knowledge and skills in design, publishing, and investor negotiations. Perfect choice for any dedicated game enthusiast seeking the next exciting opportunity.

IP Incubation Program

A distinctive program that is crafted to offer participants expert guidance, networking opportunities, and mentorship from seasoned veterans in game development. It aims at enhancing students’ skills and cultivating meaningful connections that will propel their projects, serving as the golden ticket to an exciting career in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries — the gaming industry.

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Empowering creative talents and inspiring minds to fuel Malaysia's gaming industry growth, while guiding individuals to become tomorrow's high-profile professionals and change-makers.

Who should enroll:

  • Young talents aspiring to begin their journey in the game industry.
  • Career switchers and young professionals seeking a transition into game development.
  • Gamers with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to turn their passion into a profession.

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